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What can I expect during an on-camera interview and what should I wear?
Know that we're here to make you comfortable and make you look and sound as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We want you to be great! In fact, we don’t even call them interviews–we simply have a conversation about the topic of the video.

Typically you'll be lit with 2-3 lights, other objects within camera view may require 2-5 or more fixtures to make them look their best too. There's a lot of gear "on-set" that won't be seen in your video–watch your step. There will be a crew of 2 for this job... we're very  friendly people.

Although we shoot in High Definition, wearing the proper clothes can make our jobs a little easier. We request avoiding pure white or black, and deep, solid colors like red, green and blue. Fine pinstripes or checks are technically not pleasing to camera. Staying with neutral or muted colors and designs works best. These are simply requests, you may wear what makes you comfortable.